Member communities & task forces

Newly Forming Groups

PATH is establishing communities and task forces to provide member’s an opportunity to get involved and help achieve PATH’s mission and priorities.  Membership is open to PATH members.  You can access the groups under the Member Resources area.

If you are interested in joining a task force please email  We are interested in participants that will take an ACTIVE role in a task force.

We are also looking for leaders – if you may be interested in chairing a community or task force please email

The aim is to discuss telehealth practices and processes currently in place. Members will provide suggestions on how to expand the adoption of telehealth. Legislative, regulatory, reimbursement, credentialing, and other relevant topics will be addressed.

Open to discussions related to the use of artificial intelligence in radiology, ophthalmology, cardiology and other disciplines. Case studies, group discussions and relevant (non-commercial) news is welcome.

will identify areas where standards or guidelines are needed to accelerate the implementation of artificial intelligence, automation and robotics in healthcare, review existing guidelines to see if changes are needed and recommend organizations that should be asked to perform the activities. These may cover clinical practices, public policies and industry standards. The group will not be developing their own guidelines but will identify what areas need to be addressed and what group could best provide such an effort. The result will be published in the journal Healthcare Transformation and distributed widely.

will develop a draft statement by PATH related to the ethical use of artificial intelligence, automation and robotics in healthcare and seek other organizations to co-sponsor or endorse the statement. It is critical to tackle this issue soon as it has already been raised in ways that may seriously impede innovation and progress.

will identify and recruit new members for PATH. This includes health institutions or systems, industry, academia, government agencies and individuals. They will also recommend activities of PATH that can be of greatest value to the memberships. The goal is to maintain a healthy mix of stakeholders in the membership and work of PATH.

provides suggestions for speakers and topics for upcoming PATH events including meetings, webinars and video casts.