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The Summit will be held December 18th - 20th

Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel, Washington D.C.​


Artificial intelligence, automation, robotics, and telehealth are transforming healthcare delivery and healthcare systems worldwide. PATH is the new and exciting premier organization promoting the convergence of 21st Century technology to transform healthcare delivery.

PATH’s 2019 Summit will include opportunities to learn how to integrate these technologies into new and existing healthcare services; meet and network with relevant thought-leaders from across the globe; and see and interact with the innovative entrepreneurs and their products that are now available. Educational sessions at PATH 2019 will:

  • Provide relevant information to help you demonstrate how the use of these advances will impact healthcare quality, access and productivity, whether you are working with a large health system, direct to consumer service, or individual health practice;
  • Identify clinical and business best practices that you will help you maximize adoption and impact; overcome resistance; and minimize disruption in adopting and integrating advanced technology services right away; and
  • Pinpoint changes needed across regulatory environments that we can all start working on together.

The accompanying tradeshow will help you
see and have a hands-on experience on
a variety of related products and services

Members of PATH and attendees at the 2019 PATH Summit include
all stakeholders working together including:
  • Academics
  • Clinical Providers
  • Vendors
  • Payors
  • Regulators

The Summit will be held December 18th - 20th​

Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel, Washington D.C.

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