About PATH

PATH is a membership-based, mission-driven alliance to ensure the integration of automation, robotics, and artificial intelligence (AI) into the many components that comprise global healthcare. PATH’s forward-thinking directives help to ensure that expertise critical for decision-making and funding makes its way into the many healthcare settings. PATH members range from professionals delivering care to health system executives in industry, public policy, academia, government, and educators – all of whom have a stake in the delivery of effective healthcare around the world in both on-site and remote care environments.

AI and related innovations have enabled industries such as banking, aviation, and entertainment to grow faster, provide higher-quality products, and allow consumers greater choice. With spiraling costs, increased need and decreasing resources, and rapidly advancing new technologies and participants, healthcare lags significantly behind. But innovation alone does not equal adoption and use, especially in healthcare. Innovations must gain the support of a spectrum of decision-makers – healthcare providers, regulators, payers, and consumers.

PATH is action-oriented, uniting stakeholders to identify the most critical technology innovations in automation, robotics, and artificial intelligence. This moves the field beyond research and innovation to enable an effective pathway for their adoption in the worldwide ecosystem of medicine.

Supported by the efforts of an experienced staff and the active engagement of its members PATH will help you:

Find solutions, create learning networks and highlight new products and services

PATH’s Annual Summit will identify and foster meaningful collaborations and patient care deliverables. Members and other attendees will learn the most promising avenues to adoption and see new advances in technology and services, and link-up with peers, experts, customers and investors.

Gain knowledge, recognition and acceptance

PATH is already working with leading decision makers in government, medicine, technology and finance as well as members of the press and consumer groups to foster better understanding of these advanced technologies and what they will mean to advance patient care, reduce costs, and expand access. The authoritative online journal, HEALTHCARE TRANSFORMATION, is PATH’s official journal, provided to each member.

Overcome barriers

PATH’s membership establishes priorities for overcoming barriers including payment policies, regulatory obstacles and provider and consumer acceptance. The priorities will focus efforts to identify and implement solutions.

Develop capacity

PATH will develop pathways to implementation for healthcare executives including business cases, ROI, guidelines, and action steps. There will be a growing need for administrators wherever care is delivered; the complex issue of integrated training and certification needs to be fully considered and addressed and is part of PATH’s purview.