The Partnership for Artificial Intelligence, Automation and Robotics in Healthcare (PATH) is an alliance of stakeholders working together to improve care and build efficiencies through the use of AI, telehealth, biotechnology, and robotics. These technologies have already transformed banking, aviation, and entertainment allowing each to grow, provide higher-quality products, lower costs, and provide consumers greater choice.

Faced with spiraling costs, increased demands, and decreasing resources, healthcare desperately needs innovation.  But innovation alone does not equal adoption or use.  PATH and its members are working to gain the support of decision makers — healthcare providers, regulators, payers, and consumers.  PATH is moving the field beyond research and pilot projects and lay out a pathway for the integration and use of these advanced technologies in the worldwide ecosystem of medicine.

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PATH members know that innovative 21st Century technology is transforming healthcare delivery.  Coming from medicine, technology, academia, government, and finance they share a conviction that, to be successful, you must stay on top of these developments and how they can be integrated within existing healthcare systems.Membership in PATH comes with benefits and opportunities including registrations for our annual summit, access to the Healthcare Transformation Journal, our online newsletter as well as many policy and networking activities.  PATH prepares you for the future.  Join us today.


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